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Miniature Bull Terrier character:

The mini is a strong dog that is very bright, friendly, loyal and thrives on affection. He is not likely to start a fight, but he will not back away from one.  As a future owner you must be aware that this high energy dog needs frequent exercise, and is very stubborn in his ways. They’re als very funny and love to cuddle with their owner. In a way you could describe them as a toddler on four legs. They can be great with children, although they are a bit like a loose cannon which is maybe a little to much for the real small ones.


Although we bully lovers absolute adore our dogs, beware that there are a lot of people that won’t find you’re bull that cute, find them repulsing, are afraid of them and think they are very dangerous. You will get strange looks, people that walk away or walk way around you, and people will whisper things behind your back about your bull, even as  a pup. Everybody says they don’t care, but sometimes it will get to you. The other side is the people that do know the breed, absolutely love them and they will let you know.

It’s also great to see people turn around their opinion cause your dog is great, don’t push people to like him, if they let it he charm of the bull will win them over anyway.

The puberty is one of the most difficult times, your bull can make you go insane from time to time, you as an owner need to be consistent and keep faith that it’s just a period.

It all may sound a bit negative but a good preparation is everything, and in the end it’s all worth it.


Basic training is a must, so I recommend future owners to do puppy classes and advanced classes with you’re bull.


Tips before puppy arrival

-Read about the breed, and about the puppy stages. Advice for example Toepoels puppywijzer.

- Puppy proof you’re home. No junk on the floor, small choke hazards what they can reach, electricity wires they might bite in.

- Get enough toys for your pup to keep him busy, and to let him work those teeth,  so they won’t do that in your stuff.

-A place the pup feels safe, we prefer a bench. Unlike what people often think, this is not a cage, but is seen as a rest place / burrow /  bedroom. So the pup can get it’s rest in a save surrounding.


Various tips

What a dog can NEVER eat, toxic and even deadly: Grapes, Raisins, chocolate, onion, leek, raw pork, raw potato, but also a rhododendron, snail poison, fingerheadherb, kitty poop.

One last tip: Never leave your dog alone with a bone, chewing toy or small toys because of choking hazards!


Miniature Bull Terriërs