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Pups / Breeding

Let me introduce myself: I am Dennis Dekker from the Netherlands and have been infected with the mini bull from 2007


After always having dogs in our family I wanted a dog of my own as soon as I lived by myeself, but I knew it took a lot of time and effort that I didn’t have at the time because of other interests and hobbies.


About five years ago I decided to spent less time in my other interests so I could create more time, so I could finally get a dog again....the question was, which breed.

After reading some books about different races I got to the miniature bull terrier. I always found the bull terrier a beautiful dog, but too big for what I wanted, so when I discovered the miniature I was very interested. After a lot of reading on internet and books about character, experiences and health my choice was had to be a miniature bull terrier!


Getting a mini wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. In the Netherlands there are not a lot of breeders and I wanted to insure a good litter so I knew that there went a lot of time and effort in the health, character and socializing of the pups


Here in the Netherlands you almost always get on a waiting list, which will take about a year or more before a pup is available. The price was also a bit higher then I expected, so if you want a mini bull don’t get frightened by the price.


The good thing about these factors are that you won’t have impulse  buys of mini bull’s, they won’t be a dog that everyone has and that the breeding is regulated and done with strict care


After a bit more than a year waiting I got my first mini bull at home, this was worth the wait 100%!




At the moment I got 3 mini bull’s, all got a great pedigree with various champions in their line, and beautifull temperaments. My male, Justize is from El Temperamento in Germany, and my bitch Shaydee is from Ireland (UK) from the successful show kennel Debully Bull Terriers, and our youngest girl Djezzie is from the very experienced breeder Hotheads from Germany.


Justize is a real people lover,  likes to get attention from everybody, and loves to cuddle.  Shaydee is more the waiting type, and has to get to know you before she opens up. After that she is absolutely adorable. Djezzie is the very excited little girl that loves all, very playfull and loves attention.


After my first contact with breeders my interested was met to breed a litter of my own in the future, so I could give my passion for the breed, and pass on the great characters and pedigree line of my mini’s to other bully lovers.



My goal is to occasionally breed a litter, so I can give them all my time and attention with the socializing and growing up in the first 8 weeks of their life.


My intention is not breed for show dogs although we have the quality, but we want to concentrate to get the pup a good home as

a pet, a best friend and a great addition to the family.


The goals is to find the perfect family situation and loving family’s for our pups so we can give them a great future.




Miniature Bull Terriërs